This book (https://smin95.com/dataviz) guides the reader to be familiar with R, a programming language, for data visualization. It also introduces the R package smplot, which aims to make the process of data visualization simple. This book was created entirely using RMarkdown for reproducibility.

Major updates on smplot

If you downloaded before May 8th, 2022, please re-download smplot. Some updates include:

  • sm_auc_list() has a new argument groups.
  • sm_slope_list() has also been created.
devtools::install_github('smin95/smplot', force = TRUE)

Please cite this paper when smplot is used

Seung Hyun Min, Jiawei Zhou. smplot: An R Package for Easy and Elegant Data Visualization (2021). Frontiers in Genetics, 12:802894.

For R and ggplot2 experts

Please read Chapter 4, which is a manual for smplot.

Issues and contact

If you spot any mistakes in this online book, please pull-request on Github or email me . If you find issues with the ‘smplot’ package, please pull-request on Github.


smplot is under the MIT license. This tutorial is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Seung Hyun Min is the sole creator of smplot.